Guides to the Law

The following Legal Information Guides are meant for general legal information and education purposes only. They don’t replace legal advice from a lawyer! Hard copies are available at the Yukon Public Legal Education Office at 102-2131 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse.
Thanks to our funders, the Yukon Law Foundation and the Community Development Fund for making this project possible.

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A guide to the steps in foreclosure, with actions a person can take if their property is being foreclosed on.

Civil Litigation – Suing or Being Sued
A guide for people who are making a claim against another party OR who are being sued.

All About Yukon Law
A guide to how the law is made in the Yukon, and where you can get more information.

Tickets and Non-criminal Charges

A guide to dealing with non-criminal, also called regulatory, charges. This would include wildlife, driving, parking and environmental offences.