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It is not possible to cover all legal issues that might interest everyone, however the following publications can assist seniors and elders in planning ahead to put your affairs in order.


Wills and Estate Planning

Understanding Legal Words

Ten Common Questions about Wills & Estates

“Dix Questions Courantes au Sujet des Testaments et des Succession

“Your Will” Information Sheet

RCMP-Wills-Safety & Security

YPLEA Standard Legal Forms

Power of Attorney

Yukon Estate and Administration Publications

Guide Books

Book 1 – Duties of an Estate Administrator

Book 2 – Your Role as an Executor

Book 3 – What is Probate?

Book 4 – Closing an Estate

List of Key Words

Fact Sheets 

Estate Administration

Estate Administration Forms

Rules and Forms

Form 4  Requisition for Letters of Administration

Form 4  Requisition for Grant of Probate

Form 72  Affidavit of Executor

Form 73  Affidavit of Notice of Application (with Exhibit)

(Use if the deceased died without a will. Serve on the Public Guardian and Trustee if a beneficiary is under 19 years of age or is an incapable adult – include the date of birth and current address of any beneficiary younger than 19 years old.)

Form 115 – Grant of Probate

Form 116 – Letters of Administration

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