Privacy Policy

YPLEA collects and analyses only the information necessary to help us understand what resources people are using, generally where people are accessing us from (province/territory, community if possible) and how they found us (search engine, social network etc.). We do not collect personal information or IP addresses and we do not track with fingerprints or cookies. We do not share information with third parties or monetize information. We only use analytics to collect anonymous usage data for statistical purposes and to track overall trends in our website traffic.

Law Line privacy policy

We respect your privacy. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of YPLEA without your knowledge and permission and we will use it solely for the purpose of communicating with you at your request. We only need to know your name if we are helping you prepare documents or communicating with a third party at your request. Outside of contact information, we do not retain information except with your consent. All information you provide us with will be kept strictly confidential unless we are required by law to disclose it, for example in the case of child abuse or in the context of a court order.