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Welcome To The Yukon Public Legal Education Association

The Yukon Public Legal Education Association (YPLEA) is a non-profit organization devoted to providing legal information to the public and promoting increased access to the legal system. The goal of the Association is to help the public to identify and understand their legal rights and responsibilities in order to improve their ability to deal with legal matters.

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YPLEA operates the Yukon Law Line, a free legal information service. The Law Line is staffed by persons knowledgeable about the law. It is intended to help callers by providing legal information. The Law Line is intended to help callers to identify the legal issues confronting them and to give them information about how to go about resolving those legal issues. The Law Line does not give legal advice or representation and it does not provide legal services such as drafting documents!

YPLEA and the Law Line
Thursday, November 15th to Monday, December 10th, 2018

Other Resources:

Family Law questions: Family Law Information Centre: 456-6721
Duty counsel for criminal or family court matters;
Legal Aid questions: 667-5210
Lawyer Referral Service:
Law Society of Yukon at 668-4231
R.CM.P. – If you are concerned about your own/another person’s safety

To book an appointment after December 10th, visit, or call 668-5297 or 1-866 667 4305 after December 10th. We look forward to assisting you when we re-open.